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Director's Corner


D16 and Melody Euler Offered a series of Director Refresher Workshops during 2021.

The first few seconds the Video may appear as a Black Screen, it will start shortly after the audio begins. Video files are in mp4 format. If you have any issues viewing the Videos, either add the codec to you video program or install a video program that supports the mp4 encoding. VideoLan's VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that plays most multimedia files, and can be obtained by clicking on this link VLC.

D16 Directors Corner Zoom Lessons

2021-07-13 ACBLscore - Melody Euler.pdf
2021-07-13 ACBLscore - Melody Euler.mp4
2021-06-12 ACBL Club Director Refresher Course - Melody Euler.pdf
2021-06-12 ACBL Club Director Refresher Course - Melody Euler.mp4
2021-05-10 Alerts - Melody Euler.mp4
2021-04-12 New Alert Procudures - Kevin Perkins.mp4
2021-03-08 D16 Club Director Refresher Course - Melody Euler.mp4
2020-11-08 ACBL Alert Procedure.pdf
2020-09-xx Duplicate Decisions - A Club Directors Guide for Ruling at the Table.pdf
2020-02-12 ACBL Convention Charts.pdf
2018-11-20 ACBL Convention Charts.pdf
2017-09-17 Laws of Duplicate Bridge.pdf
2016-05-03 ACBL Alert Procedures - Outdated - for reference only.pdf
2014-04-11 ACBL Club Directors Handbook.pdf
2006-08-30 ACBLscore Users Guide Manual.pdf
ACBLscore Melody Euler

July 13, 2021

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