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BJ Sanders

Executive Secretary

Born and raised in New Jersey, I received a BS from Douglass College and an MBA from Rutgers University. I worked for Time Inc in the young cable TV industry of the 80’s and 90’s as Division VP Marketing in North Carolina and Texas. My bridge life began as a fill-in for my mom while she was hosting party games at our home, or while we were riding out tropical storms at the Jersey Shore. Next phase was Sunday games at the home of Audrey and Ken Kennedy in Lakeway, Texas. Ken handed Mark and me an 11 page Goren handout (5 Card Majors) and told us that was all we would ever need to know. Audrey pushed us to find the Duplicate Club and that is how we met Larry Davis and took many lessons from Scott Humphrey. Since then I have taught, directed, been on the Bridge Center Board, chaired I/N Regionals and the GNTs, chaired the 2021 Austin NABC and joined the District 16 Board. And, wherever Mark and I travel in the world we always find the local bridge group and play.

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