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2024 Teacher of the Year Jeff Kroll with

Jeff Kroll with TOY Chair Ed Rawlinson

Current and Past Honorees:

  • 2024: Jeff Kroll

  • 2023: Sally Sassen

  • 2022: Sam Khayatt

  • 2021: No Competition/Award due to Pandemic

  • 2020: Ed Rawlinson

  • 2019: Robert “Buck” Buchanan

  • 2018: Gary King

  • 2017: Nancy Smalley

  • 2016: Laura Delfeld, Dave Glandorf, Mary Jane Orock

2024 Teacher of the Year Jeff Kroll from Conroe

Jeff Kroll of Conroe was named the 2024 Teacher of the Year for District 16. He was recognized at the recent Houston Lone Star Regional by District 16 President Betty Starzec. Teacher of the Year Coordinator Ed Rawlinson said Jeff was selected from an exceptionally strong group of finalists including Laurie Levin of San Antonio, Scott Humphrey of Austin, and Gerrie Owen of Dallas.

Jeff teaches bridge at Lone Star College and monthly at the Conroe Lone Star Bridge Club. The club class is free and open to all comers and frequently has a standing room only turnout. The class is videorecorded and all the recordings are stored on the club’s website and on Youtube. These recordings are not only used by area players but also by players from several foreign countries.

Jeff often uses the internet as a teaching tool. Any player may “join the club” and over 75 have. Members may submit questions about bidding, play, building partnerships, or other aspects of bridge. He frequently uses the BBO format to illustrate answers to bidding and play questions. These answers go to the entire “club”, not just to the individual with the question.

Jeff also studies the columns in the ACBL Bulletin and identifies those which he feels are most responsive to questions which he receives. He shares this information with a second group of players (over 300) and maintains it in a digital library. So, while Jeff teaches some classes in a traditional setting, he utilizes technology to reach a broad audience, provide ongoing instruction, and do so in a manner that students report as highly personalized.

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