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Oswald & James Jacoby Service Award

The Oswald and James Jacoby Service Award was established in 1982 designed to honor those volunteers who have worked diligently at the unit level and risen to recognition at the district level for many years of outstanding service. It is District 16's premier service award. The standing Awards Committee is formed from past recipients of the Oswald and James Jacoby Award. The chairman is appointed by the district president. The committee reviews information submitted on candidates nominated by units in District 16 and chooses an outstanding individual annually. The selection is kept confidential until presentation of the award is made at the Fall Regional in Dallas.

The criteria and instructions for the Jacoby Award are available on this web site. For more information, contact the Awards Chairman, Jerry Harrington:


Past Oswald and Jim Jacoby winners:


2023 Scott Nason, Dallas

2022 Ed Rawlinson, San Antonio

2021 Jim Bauer, Dallas

2020 Rebecca Brown, San Antonio

2019 Nancy Strohmer, Houston

2018 Tomi Storey, Dallas

2017 David Pennington, Temple

2016 Paul Cuneo, Houston

2015 Charlie Price, Dallas

2014 Martha DeCou, Corpus Christi

2013 Carol Schoenhals, Lubbock

2012 Lew Levy, Houston

2011 Larry Davis, Austin

2010 Tom Corlett, Temple

2009 Bert Onstott, Houston

2008 Ira Hessel, San Antonio

2007 Dewitt Hudson, Arlington

2006 Rosemary Kelley, Austin

2005 Toni Snow, Houston

2004 Betty Starzec, Houston

2003 Al Lochli, San Antonio

2002 Scott Humphrey, Austin

2001 Tom Hughes, Fort Worth

2000 Mary Ross, Corpus Christi

1999 Arlene Weingarten, Houston

1998 Eric Snow, Houston

1997 George & Leah Olivarri, Corpus Christi

1996 Howard Wilkins, Abilene

1995 Barry Hagedorn, Houston

1994 Shirley Pagan, Corpus Christi

1993 Jacqueline Tucker, San Antonio

1992 Henry Baer, Dallas

1991 Mary Williams, Austin

1990 Gerrie Owen, Dallas

1989 Dan & Joan Morse, Houston

1988 Jim Downs, Houston

1987 Judy Jacoby, Dallas

1986 Cissie Horton, San Antonio

1985 Sue Barber, San Angelo

1984 Ann Carb, Fort Worth

1983 Joyce Cook, Houston

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