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President’s Report 

Jack LaVigne
President District 16

We have a new website!

Ken Monzingo, our Publishing Committee Chair, took on the task of designing and creating this new modern website for District 16. Ken enlisted the aid of Sergio Mendivil to develop our website and stay on as our webmaster. The website is responsive, which means you can view it on a small device like a cell phone or on a computer screen; it responds to the media upon which it is displayed. It took two months to create and is still, according to Ken, a work in progress.

On behalf of District 16, I would like to thank John Magaryi for his long and distinguished service as its previous webmaster.

Membership Retention

A new program, the 5/5/5 Retention and Recruitment Program, has been initiated to increase and retain ACBL members. ACBL Executive Director Bronia Jenkins explains the program in this video. They have designed three new programs to entice your community to become bridge players: Bridge Ambassador Program, Come Play Cards with Us and PickleBridge. There is a tool to help you find, contact and keep tabs on relapsed players.                 

District Chair and Coordinator Updates

There have been quite a few personnel changes: Nancy Strohmer has stepped down as the Charity Chair, 199er Nite Club Coordinator, and Advisory Council member; Linda Griffith is retiring as English Lecture Series coordinator. The board would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their service.

• Karen Nussbaum, Houston, was appointed as the District 16 Charity Chair

• Janice Rush, Houston, as the 199er Nite Club Coordinator

• Jerry Harrington, San Antonio, is the Awards Chair

• Sam Khayatt, Kingwood, is the Teacher of the Year Chair.

“An optimist is a person who sees a green light everywhere, while a pessimist sees only the red stoplight, … the truly wise person is colorblind.” –Alfred Schweitzer

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