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D16 Intermediate/Newcomer Newsletters

By Lauri Laufman


The Longest Day

June brings a unique opportunity for all to participate and give to charity via ACBL’s The Longest Day Alzheimer's Fundraiser, June 16-23. Please check out how you can get involved by volunteering and participating as we all work together to fight this disease and honor all living with or caring for those with Alzheimer’s.  The Longest Day story click here

Being a strong believer that we should always be welcoming, patient, kind and considerate whether we are interacting at a club, tournament or table (and especially to our newer players); this month’s issue includes some helpful reminders on how to be a good partner. Plus Rule 74 which covers conduct and etiquette is reviewed in our It’s the Law section.

Highlighted this month is Marilyn Knatz, The Woodlands. Although we only had the pleasure of meeting by phone this week, I feel I've made a new friend. Her positive attitude towards bridge and all those who play the game is contagious, as is her go-getter nature. In the 5-20 MP group last year, she ranked #8 in the District 16 Mini-McKenney race, and #2 in her Unit 174.

In striving to continuously include material by our various teachers, this month’s section on Better Bidding is provided by Jeff Kroll, Conroe Unit 174,  District 16’s 2024 Teacher of the Year.

Stepping Down

I’ve been having a wonderful time serving as your editor of this newsletter and hope you've found the articles provided during my tenure both helpful and entertaining. Due to other obligations, I now pass the torch forward to new editor Truett Cates of Sherman

As always, your continued feedback, stories, and suggestions for content are appreciated.

Past I/N Newsletters

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