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Evvie Gilbert

Evvie Gilbert Receives The 2023
Presidential Extra Mile Award

By Betty Starzec

Evvie Gilbert, Houston Unit 174, stepped into the role of Scorecard Editor in 2022 with the determination to evaluate and learn new publishing programs, make an accurate assessment of each program, and determine which product would be most effective to create an amazing publication for our district. The warpspeed with which she was able to accomplish this enormous task was undeniable to all District 16 Executive Committee members, especially to Ken Monzingo who served as Evvie’s mentor during this process. The district receives many compliments on the new and improved Scorecard and these are due solely to Evvie’s unwavering ability to provide a top quality product. As well, Evvie amazingly produces the monthly Unit 174 Newsletter. Needless to say her time management skills are beyond reproach.

Evvie has also undertaken the responsibility of being our Robly Email Marketing coordinator. She has taken on this task working relentlessly with Robly personnel to not only clean up our district’s database, but also provided Robly personnel with information and shortcomings within their own system.

With all the incredible achievements Evvie has made to bridge for our district it was my honor to recognize her with the Presidential Extra Mile Award at the January Lone Star Regional. This award was created by the district to recognize someone who has gone “over and beyond” in their performance on behalf of the district, and Evvie fits the bill 1000% over the top. Congratulations, Evvie.

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