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Past Jacoby Award winners

Jacoby Award Recipient
2023: Scott Nason, Dallas

District 16 is pleased to announce that Scott Nason of Unit 176 was awarded the Oswald and James Jacoby Award for 2023. As editor of our Labor Day Regional bulletin, Scott would normally be writing this article, but this one was prepared in advance so that he could be surprised, and indeed he was!

The Jacoby Award is given each year to a player who has volunteered and served with distinction on both the unit and district levels. Scott is currently serving his sixth year on the Unit 176 Board of Directors, and he has served in almost every capacity. He is the GNT Coordinator, serves on the tournament committee, and writes this bulletin at the Dallas Labor Day Regional. He cochairs the monthly unit games that have returned since COVID and they have been very successful. He writes the Unit 176 report for Scorecard, keeping everyone up to date on happenings unit wide. On the district level, he also manages the Grand National Teams and serves as Unit 176’s representative to the district board of directors.

One of Scott’s best qualities is his true love for bridge. He became a certified director to improve his knowledge of the game and finds time to use it on his frequent cruises. He takes time to mentor developing players and is a frequent speaker on the D16 Zoom Lecture Series. Scott is happy to answer questions whenever asked and always wears his National Goodwill Committee pin with pride.

Congratulations, Scott, from the many, many friends you have made at the table. Both Unit 176 and District 16 are enormously proud of you.

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