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Grand National Teams

By Scott Nason
D16 GNT Coordinator

The Grand National Teams (GNT) 2024

are in progress. Once again, we dispensed with the unit qualifying and proceeded straight to district finals; no local qualifying is required.There are four levels that compete in the GNT District Finals.
Championship Flight: The top flight – the Championship Flight – is open to anyone who is an ACBL member in good standing, and who has resided in District 16 as of September 1, 2023.
Flight A: In order to play in Flight A each member of the team must also have had fewer than 6000 masterpoints as of the August 6, 2023 ACBL posting.
Flight B: For Flight B the cutoff is 2500 points.
Flight C: Flight C is limited to Non-Life Masters with fewer than 500 points.
Each team may consist of four, five or six players, but each player must be eligible for the flight in which the team is competing.

The District Finals will be split into two venues:
● The Championship and B Flights were held in Houston on April 6-7.

The Championship Flight was won by Hua Yang, Yan Song, Plano, Danny Feng, Frisco and Steve Chen, Austin

Flight B was won by Kyo Chen, Hua Chen, Jessie Lee, Sugar Land, Weijun Zhu, Hao Deng, and Mark Pan.
● Flights A and C will be held in Dallas on May 25-26 in conjunction with the sectional tournament at the Holiday Inn Dallas/Richardson.
The winners from each flight may advance to the National GNT Finals in Toronto in July and will be eligible for an expense stipend if they actually play in Toronto. Note also that if Flight C has eight or more teams, then the top two teams will qualify for National Finals.
For more GNT information you may consult the event flyer here, and the Conditions of Contest which are posted on this D16 website. [Click here]

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